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There is no question about it, since more than 13 years Mike La Funk regularly wins over the club and house scene with his special sound. Mike La Funk is considered one of the most innovative, most authentic and most creative minds in the field of house music. The formula for that is a well-kept secret – of course.

The particular is his urban cosmopolitan style, of which the entrenchment in the sound landscape of the rotary mixer in the house style of New York is unmistakable. One reason why his tracks do not taste like the usual pap. Mike does not follow the trend, he creates it himself and produces lasting feelings, moves legs, touches souls and surprises most pleasantly again and again.

Besides being at the turntables, he produces his own tracks with his Label Soulful Riot Prod. Together with Club del Mar he will show the willing party crowd, what he made up for the dance floors and chill-out zones.

Mike La Funk at the turntables means rotary mixing in the New York House style, smooth bass lines and hypnotizing grooves spiced up with a large portion of soul.

That means: fastening seat belts and completely getting into the next gig.


Agency Mike Ohainski Info@Mikelafunk.de

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