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A never ending love for music and aspiring to become a DJ since he was roaming the record shops of Amsterdam as a teenager. Silverius` passion to share music with others was and is the foundation for a remarkable career in the music industry. Working on creating his own sound everyday and focusing on great projects with others has been his life now for over 10 years. With exciting highlights and succesfull achievements Silverius keeps reïnventing his music, which is exactly what makes him a uniqely creative and driven DJ/Producer.

Silverius hosts DiepSide, a weekly show airing every monday 21h-23h on the online house station Deepfm. In the show he brings brings new and edgy deephouse sounds together with more familiar house tracks, many of them similar to the sound of his own label which the show was named after.
Silverius is also known for his classic house sounds on Radio Veronica. From 2003 until today, he is the host of FloorFillerz, a non stop mix show on commercial broadcaster RADIO VERONICA every Saturdaynight from 22’00h till 23’00h. A show containing all the best house music from the last decade’s.

Silverius owns the record company SideMusic. SideMusic has been the founder of multiple labels of which DiepSide and SideBeats are two of the most known, focusing on deephouse and electro house/progressive. Silverius started this enterprise to create a platform for talented young DJ`s as wel as established artists to share their music. Silverius: “SideMusic is all about sharing music and the story behind the artists. I believe that it is our unique approach that results in exciting and succesfull collaborations with artists, and it`s a great source of inspiration for me as a producer”.


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